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destruction of release bearing

After approximately 74.000 kilometre the release bearing of the clutch at my MG-F was destroyed. I have tried to reach a garage by driving the F "normally", so that the mounting in the clutch-house has been destroyed also --> EXPENSIVE.
[the destroyed release bearing]  [another picture of the destroyed release bearing]  destroyed release bearing 
[the destroyed plastic ring]  [another pictur of the destroyed plastic ring]  the plastic ring seams to be fixing something at the release bearing 
[the destruction at the fixing position in the clutch-house]  [another pictur of the destruction at the fixing position in the clutch-house]  The red marking shows the place where the rim of the fixing-groove at the clutch-house was broke out. In the pipe, the shaft from clutch to gear is placed. The blue arrow points to the release fork. 

.... because it was so nice, and the workshop even gave a good impression to me, on my question about the verification of survey of the wheel alignment they indicated: "... this is not necessarily... " with this kind of repair. They just disassembled the whole rear axle, so why realign anything?
However not enough, after arriving at home I discover just another problem forgotten by the garage:

[wrong mounted (left) exhaust side]  [normal (right) exhaust side]  The left and the right exhaust side as mounted by the garage ... 
[the wrong mounted exhaustconnection]  [the correct mounted exhaustconnection]  The exhaust connection, like fitted by the garage, and after I fixed it. 

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