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The window cleaning jets

... or what I want to changed for long time.
Several things where changed by several persons to individualise ("enhance") their MG-F. What bothered my at most, were the two ugly, parasitic, misplaced cleaning jets in the middle of the bonnet. Every time I washed the car, I was reminded that they were interfering extremely, and had the idea, that a better solution must exist. I thought about something on the wiper-arm (supposed to be seen at a Mercedes SL?).

When I drove a rental-car (a Mercedes Vito) at bad weather recently, I was surprised to see the cleaning jets were directly at the wiper arm.  [Window-cleaning-jets at MB Vito wiper-arm]  Knowing now that it is really possible and having seen it at a Mercedes earlier, I got the jets as spare parts from Mercedes (ok, had them procured), ... 
[closed holes of original jets at the inner side of teh bonnet]  ... and as my car had to be painted anyway, I let my garage close the holes of the original ones.  [closed holes of original jets at the inner side of teh bonnet]  [bonnet without jets] 
The jets can be easily fitted, by clipping them on the arm (same width like Mercedes!?), ...  [at wiper-arm mounted cleaning-jets]  [at wiper-arm mounted cleaning-jets]  ... and the tube is fixed with special clips or simple isolating-tape.  [fixing of the tube at one side]  [fixing of the tube at other side] 
The T-connection and part of the tube itself is placed in the sealing of the bonnet.  [T-connection in sealing]  [tube in sealing]  The tubes and the T-connection are just the adapted originals. 
I have changed the place of the driver side tube, to prevent it from being jamed beneath the arm.  [tube placed on the driver side at first]  The new way is better, but I think I will give it another try sooner or later.  [tube placed on the driver side now] 
The result absolutely meets my expectations.  [Window cleaning-jets at wiper-arm]  [Window cleaning-jets at wiper-arm]  [Window cleaning-jets at wiper-arm]  :-)))) 

Oh, at the end: don't forget to adjust the jets! With closed hood. ;-)
After several thousand miles with this modification, I can state that the cleaning result at any speed is even better than before. You can also clean the window with open hood, and open side windows, without getting wet inside.
One of the best changes I made to my MG-F, I would recommend it to everybody, especially when you have reason to paint your bonnet anyway, so that you can close the original Jet holes perfectly.
I have no part number of the Mercedes jets, sorry for that. But the same Jets are fitted to the Smart, Vito, MB 100, and SL; it should be easy to get them from any Mercedes Dealer.

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