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Lower track control supports: mounting of PU bushes.

There's always something to do at the F. When actually nothing is out of order, you have to think by your self what could be done. The last thing I have added to my one is a Krafthaus Splitter, but this is shown on Dieters Webpage mgf-net, perfectly. So I'll describe the changing of the standard soft rubber made bushes in the lower track control arms at the MG-F.
Why change them at all?
It is well known that the MG-F has some problems with the chassis. One of them is the powerchange reaction in turns, and the not too good feeling for the actual road holding of the F.
Both may be the result of the soft (cheaply produced) rubber made bushes at the lower track control arms. It should be improved by "harder" PU-bushes, made by Powerflex.
So I ordered a (nearly) full set in a group-order initiated by Dieter, thanks to him), and will install them step by step as I have time for it.

[Bild der Verschraubung der Reaktionsstrebe am Subframe] The first problem were the bolts at the tiebar to the subframe. They are very bad accessible, so that you can't bring the full force of your tool to the bolt (except you have a russian mechanic beside ... ). I have abandoned the attempt, and just drive with the standard rubber bushes in this place. 

It doesn't matter, you could disassemble the rear track control arms without removing the tiebar from the subframe: you remove all three bolts from the track control arm (tiebar, hub, subframe; this maybe the best order, but don't care about it too much), move the hub a little to the rear, so you can move the track control arm. After that you can pull out the arm from the subframe, and pull it off the tiebar.
Mounting is the same, just vice versa.

[picture of rear track control arm (right)] Completely rusty support to the tiebar in the left side track control arm, the right side one is still shiny. 
[right rear track control arm] The way the support should look like. 
The bolt sticking in the subframe-support in the picture, together with an alu-tube, washers, and nut, helped me to pull out the rubber made bushes. 
[Tiebar support at left side rear track control arm (rear side)] Ready mounted rear track control arm. 
[detail of right rear track conrol arm] This pictures shows the pressure on the tiebar bushes when tightened with the torque stated in the workshop manual. Dieter says that he put much more pressure to them, maybe I will try this later, together with the B&G washer set. 

The original washers at the tiebar were very rusty, too, so that removal of the rust and the trouble with the subframe mounting of the tiebar used up the time I wanted to spend to the front aisle bushes.
So this will follow later.

[the plastik washer kit of Brown & Gammon] Maybe I will install these sometimes. 
If they have any effect in addition to the PU-bushes is subject to discussion. 

After a first trip to the "Taunus" mountains I could state it's worth it! The powerchange reaction had disappeared, and the feeling for the road is very fine.
After the mandatory chassis measurement I can say that it is one of the best improvements I have made. I can recommend it to everybody.

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