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Generally, I do not have the well known problems with rust on my MG-F, even though it has been driven all seasons and had an open air parking space for two years.
The pictures show how it looks after 3 years, 72.000 km (afaik 4478 mils), and frequent under body washing.

[picture of front right Hydragas unit]  Rust at the bracket of the front right Hydragas unit. 
[picture of right upper subframe part]  Rust at right upper subframe part, obvious caused by street salt. 
[picture of Rust at front subframe]  Rust at front Subframe. The picture shows the left side, it's just the same at the right one. 
[picture of foliage at front wheel-house]  View into left front the wheel-house, from ahead. The red arrow points to a rubber seal, the blue one at the foliage, witch accumulated behind the plastic lining (witch is removed here). 

When I had started to install the PU-bushes, I came across another rusty area:

[Rust at tiebar support of left side rear inner track control arm]  View into the support at the rear left side inner track control arm, where the bushes to the tiebar are placed. 
[rear inner track control arms compared]  Comparison of rear inner track control arms. 

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