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... or what happened in the dark at night , when I fixed a tow rope to the brackets of the not installed aircooler.
What may happen if you need to tow your MG-F and haven't read the manual exactly, mainly missed to look at the pictures in detail, is shown below.
The German manual uses the term "Notschleppen" for towing, witch means that you should only tow your MG-F in emergency cases. It also shows pictures of the lowest of three existing eyelets at each side of the car.
The top level eyelet will not be noticed at all by air-condition owners, because this is where the aircooler stands on. The lowest ones are well known, because they often hit the road. The two in-between (outer top at subframe) maybe for fixing at transports. The manual states further that you should NOT use a rope or chain for towing. The only possibility remaining then is emergency towing with a bar, but why they haven't pointed directly to this may stay Rover confidential. 

[picture of (missing) left eylet] The place were the putative towing eye at the left side of my MG-F were once befor. 
I towed with a standard towing-rope. 
[picture of (missing) left eylet] Another picture of the (towing) eyelets place. 
[picture of right eye] The same eyelet intact, at the right side. 
Well to see that the engine cooler itself is placed on top of the bar. 
When a air-condition is installed, the additional cooler is placed on the brackets in front of the bar. 
[picture of the towing eye] The correct right (emergency) towing eyelet below in the picture. 
In the foreground you could also see the fixing eyelet. 

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