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Olafs MG Stuff

[MG-Roadster - The german MG-link-base.]
mainly MG-F [momentarily at least... ;-) ]

[My MG-F in front "Burg Braunfels"]

These pages reflect some of the experience I got by the time with my MG-F. It is an early '97th MPI in British racing green (like you can see above).
Just take a look at the menu, I think it is self explaining

In addition I have a .pdf document for download, which contains several tables and diagrams about the engine rounds per minute to the speed of the MG-F.
There is also a [german] .pdf document about the ride high of the MG-F, but I haven't translated it jet.

To every body interested in MG's, I highly recommend to follow the link I have placed at the MG-logo above.

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